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BOSSKEY AV 921 Medium -Speed Automatic Paper Cup Machine

AV-321 Price: Rs 6,90,000/ machine with one set mould.

GST :@ 18% Extra FORWARDING : Ex.Bangalore
DELIVERY : 60 - 90 Days
PAYMENT: 30% booking advance,50% after 30 days, 20% before delivery.

Medium -Speed Paper Cup Machine AV921 is a multi station high-speed automatic machine producing both single and double PE coated cups,ice cream cups through continuous process of automatic paper feeding,sealing,oil injection,bottom cutting, heating,knurling,curling and stacking.The machine adopts hot air system,PLC control,servo motor driving,full - automatic failure warning,counting,detection,stopping and so on.

Main Technical Data :
Paper Cup Size 55 ML - 340 ML
Raw Material One -side or two-side PE coated paper (Single PE or Double PE coated paper)
Speed 60 - 70 pcs/min Speed of 20 hours stable running per day
Suitable paper weight 150 - 350 gsm
Voltage supply 220 v 50hz single phase/ 380v50hz 3-phase (better to use 380v50hz 3-phase) * If user's voltage supply is different,please inform us in advance.
Working Air Source Air pressure 0.4-0.8Mpa User should buy Air Compressor
Net Weight 2600 kgs
Measurement (mm)n 2800 X 1400 X 1700
Cup Side Sealing Ultrasonic